Government lays down strategy for artificial intelligence

Germany to become a pioneer in artificial intelligence

23. Juli 2018, 14:01 Uhr   |  

Germany to become a pioneer in artificial intelligence
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The German government wants to make Germany a leading location for artificial intelligence. Competence centres are to be expanded and attractive working conditions created for both scientists and young researchers.

Germany wants to become one of the world's leading centres for artificial intelligence. The Government has therefore formulated key points for an AI strategy with the aim of bringing the research, development and application of artificial intelligence in Germany to a worldwide leading level. »Artificial intelligence is not just any innovation - it is a basic innovation that will change and improve our economy and our lives as a whole. That is why we do not want artificial intelligence applications to be developed and implemented anywhere in the world, but here in Germany and Europe«, explains Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier. With these key points, the government wants to lay the foundation for this and send a signal to companies and founders. The main aim is to offer the outstanding research results in products and services and thus make Germany one of the world's leading locations for AI. »Developing and mastering artificial intelligence - whether in autonomous driving, in cancer diagnostics or in the production processes of the future - is a key question for Germany and Europe. Our AI strategy will provide powerful answers«, said Altmaier.

The research landscape in Germany is to be expanded with competence centres and networked throughout Europe. Scientists in the field of AI are to come to Germany and working conditions are also to be made as attractive as possible for the next generation. Additional professorships for AI are to be established. In addition, new ways of promoting research are being taken: an agency for jump innovations is to be founded, which will also address the topic of artificial intelligence.

The key points form the basis for the Artificial Intelligence strategy to be developed in the coming months. The Government will conduct a consultation process with organisations, associations and institutions working nationwide as well as expert workshops and specialist forums in the coming weeks.

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