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Merger of Medimax and cancelled

28. November 2018, 16:53 Uhr   |  

Merger of Medimax and cancelled
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Michael Haubrich, Medimax board member and representative of the Medimax owner family

After a thorough analysis, retail chain Medimax and Etailer came to the conclusion that they did not fit together - the planned merger was cancelled.

Just a few weeks ago, the retail chain Medimax and etailer announced their intention to partially combine the operational functions of both companies under a single holding company. Michael Haubrich, Medimax board member and representative of the Medimax owner family, emphasized at the time: »We can now address our customers even more professionally via digital channels.« Working groups of both companies had already worked intensively on the operational details and analyzed the possible synergies and orientation of the new Omnichannel company.

However, the Electronic Partner Group, to which both companies belong, now reports that the assumption that it would be possible to forge a successful company out of the two companies has proven to be unstable. The genes of the online company with its »cult start-up mentality« and those of the more traditional company Medimax are too different. Against this backdrop, both companies would experience considerable limitations in their own strengths. But the matter of different corporate cultures is certainly not the only reason for the sudden turnaround. The fact that two quite different mentalities come together here should have been clear to the participants long before the start of negotiations. The franchisees of Medimax probably had considerable reservations about a merger with such a strong stage internet player as Notebooksbilliger. The vision of »creating the best of two worlds«, as promised by Oliver Ahrens, CEO of, could not be communicated to the chain stores.

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