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it-sa 2018 in pictures

18. Oktober 2018, 11:32 Uhr   |  Lars Bube

it-sa 2018 in pictures

At this year's it-sa you could see many satisfied faces, the security fair in Nuremberg was a complete success. A small photo excursion over the fair.

Anyone who works in the security industry and strolls across it-sa will quickly notice that you can barely make it a few metres without encountering familiar faces. The fair has long been the top event on the subject of IT security; manufacturers, distributors, sales partners and customers come together in Nuremberg to discuss current threats, the latest security solutions and emerging technologies. But also to take a look at the industry together, to look back on former professional stations and to exchange ideas privately - because as a rule people know and appreciate each other. For most people, it-sa is actually a kind of annual class reunion.

it-sa 2018

Bereits der Staatsempfang der Bayerischen Staatsregierung am Messevorabend war wie gewohnt gut besucht (Foto: Thomas Geiger - NürnbergMesse)
Frank Venjakob von der NürnbergMesse (Mitte) im Gespräch (Foto: Thomas Geiger - NürnbergMesse)
Zu den Gastrednern beim Staatsempfang zählte auch BSI-Präsident Arne Schönbohm ... (Foto: Thomas Geiger - NürnbergMesse)

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